Renee enjoys bringing joy to mosaic lovers by designing and creating commissioned pieces for homes, offices, and restaurants. Her process begins by uncovering what the buyer is passionate about. Sometimes it’s a theme, a feeling, or a color scheme. Oftentimes, the collector simply tells Renee “You have total free rein!” 

Based on the size of the piece, a price is determined and a 50% down payment is required for the work to begin, with a final 50% payment due upon delivery. (Shipping charges, if needed, are a pass-through item, due when the work is completed and shipped.)

After Renee gets a sense from the buyer, she draws a rough sketch of her initial idea. An overall design is created and upon approval, Renee goes to work gathering materials for the piece. Since approximately 85% of her work is created using upcycled and recycled materials, she typically has a great deal of supplies in her studio to work with. She collects glass, jewelry, beads, ceramic, rubber, rocks, and whatever she sees as the best materials for the piece, photographs the items, and sends the images to her buyer for feedback and approval.

When the buyer has provided their input, Renee establishes a completion date based on her schedule, and goes to work! She often sends the buyer images from her studio during the process so they can enjoy the process along with her.

Contact Renee using the email link to inquire about custom work.

“Mountain Paradise” Triptych

Wediboard, Upcycled Glass, Glass Tiles, Vintage Beads, Mother of Pearl, Magic Sculpt

Each:  78”x36”x.5”

This triptych was designed for Renee’s client who wanted a statement piece for their beautiful lake home in the Georgia mountains. The assignment was for the work to reflect their views of the outdoors with massive pines and hardwoods outside their windows, while bringing in some of the blue reflected off the lake.

Renee saw photos of the home and outdoor views, and based on the colors and variety of shapes, designed the final work bringing nature into their bedroom beyond the windows. (Note: The work was packed and shipped from Colorado and arrived in Georgia beautifully.)

“A Colorful Life”

Recycled Mirror, Wediboard, Upcycled Glass, Glass Beads, Vintage Jewelry, Coral, Lapis, Recycled Glass, Metal, Mother of Pearl, Black Pearls, Bone, Semiprecious Stones, Crystals, Magic Sculpt


Renee’s client had a new home with a small guest powder room on the main level. She wanted a statement mirror in the bathroom that would add interest and tie the many colors in her living room into the bathroom.

Renee visited the client’s home and determined that a semi-rustic, yet playful, sophisticated abstract composition would best reflect the client’s many interests (gardening, hiking, music, etc.), would make the client happy. Here’s what the owner of “A Colorful Life” said about her piece:

“My Colorful Life” brightens my life on a daily basis with the intricate and textured flow of glass, coral, repurposed objects and beads, which shine back at me with joy and pleasure. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Renee’s creative passion is!! The mosaic landscape combined with the reality of this mirror’s reflection make this a favorite object in my home.”

–Susan W.

“Starry Nights”

Violin, Glass, Glass Beads, Rhinestones, Vintage Jewelry, Metal, Paint, Grout


This client, a professor residing in an upscale urban apartment, wanted a classic yet unique violin for his curved living room wall. Renee met with the client and determined that his trendsetting dress and decorating style required a sophisticated piece with accents that sparkled.


Upcycled Glass, Glass Tiles, Stained Glass, Grout

17” round

Renee’s client, Megan, had been looking for a dramatic centerpiece for her table and was disappointed that she couldn’t find what she wanted. After showing Renee her color scheme, which was very specific, Renee drew out a design using the upcycled glass bowl that the client had purchased from a thrift store. Many texted color combinations were shared back and forth, and after some tweaking, the client and Renee determined that the bright colors swirling around the top of the bowl would create the dramatic statement the client was seeking.

Renee recommended that the outside of the bowl remain monochromatic in subtle shades of a particular blue hue, and black grout would dramatically offset the colorful tiles and cut glass.

The client was thrilled that she could display her new centerpiece in time for her Thanksgiving guests.

“Renee did a fabulous job on my bowl. I love the color choice and it looks great on my dining room table. Have already received compliments from visitors during Thanksgiving.”