Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments



Hubba Hubba! Using nearly all recycled materials, this piece is a nod to Elvis’ 70s style, adorned with repurposed glass, a gold medallion, and a gem-encrusted leather belt.

Flora de Maya

After securing a ceramic Mayan calendar focal piece, artist, Renee added carved bone, upcycled glass, and copper chains to create this elegantly understated guitar.

3D Serenity

This “Garden of Eden” piece, complete with a metal “fence” wrapped in vines, is finished off with beads, glass, and mother of pearl creating intricate textures.

Summer Joy in the West

This piece depicts a Colorado morning sky—resplendent and full of joyful light! Fused glass and semiprecious stones make up this uniquely vibrant recycled guitar.

Rocky Horror Redux

Rocky Horror Redux

Who knew that a campy film would bring in $226 million (and counting)? This piece honors the iconic Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s red lips, pearls, tattoo, and dripping blood.

Hawg Leathers

Enamored with a found leather purse, artist, Renee had a vision for this guitar. Representing a day on a motorcycle, it is finished with leather “chaps”, and a brass chain.


Wood, textured leather, garnet gems, and stained glass complete this elaborate, masculine piece. “Aramis,” artist, Renee’s favorite men’s cologne, is a fitting name.

Four Corners

“Four Corners” was inspired by a road trip to the southwest – majestic views, red rocks, and bright yellow sun. This retired guitar features coral, turquoise, and recycled glass tiles.

Blue Jean Baby

This piece is an homage to artist, Renee’s two favorite things: Elton John and Western fashion. Its “outfit” is complete with a fringed chambray “shirt” paired with “blue jeans.”


Inspired by the joy of cooling off on a hot summer’s day, this piece features stained glass lemons, an upcycled spoon, and “ice” Inside the sound chamber.



Artist, Renee states that this found pink guitar just screamed “DOLLY!” Finished with rhinestone “breasts” and dangling “earrings,” this piece represents the Grammy award-winning artist’s exotic look.

Buckle Down

Using hand-blown Seattle’s Bedrock Glass, this anthropomorphic “body” is made from a retired guitar base, vintage crystals, and a crystal belt buckle draped across the “hips.”

Desert Sleep

Desert Sleep

The desert at night – dark skies, resting bones, and stealthily moving animals – inspired this retired guitar to a new life. The perfect addition to your special music space.

Winter Solstice

This piece is inspired by the snow-covered peaks and tawny pines of Colorado winter. A closer look reveals raku pottery, repurposed jewelry, and a pallet of the Rocky Mountain West.


Scouting for unusual antiques, artist, Renee discovered a stunning enamel butterfly. Cut glass, crystals, and vintage jewelry complete this work of art.

Desert Sun

Desert Sun

This piece was inspired by the desert beauty of a trip to Santa Fe. It features a retired ukulele covered in turquoise and a vintage beaded belt representing the red rocks of the southwest.


This 98% recycled piece features natural bone, wood, upcycled glass, tiger eye stones, and a variety of African beads to create an organic feel.

Twilight Mystery

A handful of repurposed iridescent crystals, stained glass, and discarded jewelry inspired joyful ukulele. It is reminiscent of a beautiful night under an aurora borealis sky.

Seaside Paradise

Using hand-blown glass, upcycled crystals, and iridescent seashells, this piece is reminiscent of a beach-side getaway with sky- and ocean-inspired shades of blue.

A Night Out

This retired violin dons a female tuxedo, harkening to a “night on the town.” Pearl buttons, vintage jewelry, and a black beaded 1950s dress collar complete the story.

Starry Nights

Inspired by the female form of this retired violin, this piece uses black glass, pearls, and rhinestones to depict a luxurious tuxedo with stars on the “pants.”